Συσκευή εμφυτευμάτων της εταιρείας BIEN-AIR.

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Συσκευή εμφυτευμάτων της εταιρείας BIEN-AIR Ελβετίας.

The Chiropro is a dedicated implantology system which is both simple and high-performance. Its MX-i micromotor is the most powerful and lightweight on the market.

The contra-angle incorporates a unique irrigation system which is internal to the instrument, offering ideal grip. The Chiropro offers seven of the main implant
systems on the market with their complete sequences preprogrammed. These modifiable programmes can be customised to suit you.

Chiropro basic set:

1 Chiropro control unit 
ref. 1600724-001 
1 MX Chiropro micromotor 
ref. 1600825-001 
1 MX-i micromotor cable 
ref. 1600606-001 
1 3-button foot pedal 
ref. 1600631-001 
10 sterile single-use irrigation lines 
ref. 1500984-010 
10 irrigation line clips 
ref. 1303711-010 
1 bracket 
ref. 1303393-001 
1 support 
ref. 1301575-001 
1 Swiss network cable 
ref. 1300065-001 
1 Europe network cable 
ref. 1300066-001 
1 Asia/USA network cable 
ref. 1300067-001 
Ref. 1700387-001
Chiropro basic set with CA 20:1 contra-angle:

1 Chiropro basic set 
ref. 1700387-001 
1 CA 20:1 contra-angle 
ref. 1600632-001 
Ref. 1700388-001