Προβολέας LED και λεύκανση απο την εταιρεία G-COMM

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Bleaching LED light system COREWHITE

Corewhite is a bleaching light system easily to be applied directly to POLARIS just removing an handle.

No external supports, make the operation area free of any obstruction.

Through LED technology is possible to get the desired light intensity for different operation purposes. Maximum light power emitted : 2000 mW. 
Special filters are used to eliminate I.R. on luminous pattern.

Technical features:

Power supply : 12-24 Vac  50-60 Hz

Maximum power consumption: 50 VA

Current consumption : 1,5 A

Dimension of pattern : 80 x 20 mm circa

Light source : 4 LED's (3,5 W ciascuno)

Emission spectrum : 420 - 480 mm

Maximum distance from patient : 10 cm

In conformity with directive : 93/42 CEE class I 

Applicable norms : CEI-EN 60825-1; CEI-EN 60601-1; CEI-EN 60601-2; UNI EN ISO 14971