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Halogen dental light ISA

"Smooth lines and simple as well as functional technical solutions"

Dental light ISA has been designed to be ergonomic and modern at the same time, it is also very easy to clean. The results of the applied technology are:

- an operating light very easy to handle, stable and unique for its armonious lines and pleasant colours

- a perfect light pattern and cold white light

Ergonomic and italian design :  ISA is entirely made in aluminium; its structure is very solid, resistant and does not wear out after mechanical use. The new resin reflector it's easy to clean and resistant to brakes.

Available in different colours (RAL 9010, 9002, 9016, 7047 and others)

Unit mount, ceiling, wall or floor mount application.

NEWS : available now with the 3rd axis movement to rotate Polaris in any direction and with a mirror and anti polymerization kit.

Technical features:

Power supply: 10.5 / 12 V switch

Light intensity  (lux): 15.000-30.000 lux

Colour temperature (°K): 5.000 °K

CRI: > 90

Bulb: tungsten halogen type H-star 12V 50W Low pressure

Light pattern : 70 x 140 mm

The light has been positively tested and has a IMQ certification.